July 14, 2024 12:13 am

GWP Releases 2023 Water Quality Report Online

Glendale Water & Power (GWP) has announced the release of its Water Quality Report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), summarizing water quality monitoring data for the calendar year 2023. This report is available on GWP’s website and informs customers about the quality of water delivered by GWP, while highlighting the importance of protecting drinking water sources.

As mandated by the Safe Drinking Water Act, GWP must provide the CCR to all customers by July 1st each year. “GWP is fully dedicated to serving our city. Over the past year, despite various challenges, we have continued to provide high-quality water to our customers. We conducted all required testing for more than 375 constituents and performed over 80,280 tests on water samples collected throughout our complex water system. I’m pleased to announce that our treated water continually meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements,” stated Chisom Obegolu, GWP’s Assistant General Manager of Water.

To conserve resources, the California Department of Public Health allows for the electronic distribution of the CCR. The report can be downloaded at GlendaleCA.gov/WaterQualityReports. Customers who prefer a mailed copy can email GWP at [email protected] or call GWP’s Customer Service Department at 855-550-4497 to request a printed version.

For any questions regarding the CCR, customers can contact Martin Manucharyan, Water Quality Manager, at (818) 548-2011.