July 14, 2024 10:48 pm

Glendale Police Department Opens New Montrose Substation to Enhance Community Safety

The Glendale Police Department, in collaboration with the Montrose Shopping Park Association and the Montrose Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce, inaugurated its new Montrose Substation on Friday, June 7, during a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“Having a substation in Montrose is a significant milestone,” remarked Chief Manny Cid to a gathered audience, emphasizing the importance of community partnerships for effective public safety. “Glendale may have a small-town feel, but it spans 30 square miles. This substation will help us maintain excellent response times, deter crime through a consistent presence, and engage with the Montrose community.”

Situated at 3600 Ocean View Blvd., #11, the new substation replaces the previous location just above Honolulu Ave. This facility enhances the Glendale Police Department’s visibility in Montrose and the northern part of the city. It provides officers with a convenient space to perform essential tasks, such as writing incident reports, which previously required trips to the main station in Downtown Glendale. Additionally, it serves as a community engagement hub, fostering relationships between the police and residents and offering officers a place to rest briefly.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, organized by the Montrose Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce, was attended by community members, Glendale City Council members, and Glendale Police and Fire personnel. The substation also functions as the headquarters for the Montrose Shopping Park Association.

Representatives from Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, State Assemblymember Laura Friedman, and State Senator Anthony Portantino delivered congratulatory remarks and presented certificates to the Glendale Police Department and the Montrose Shopping Park Association in celebration of the new substation.

While the Montrose Substation will not have regular operating hours, residents can connect with available officers on-site. For telephone contact, residents should continue using the following Glendale Police Department numbers: 911 for emergencies, 818-548-4911 for non-emergencies, and 818-548-4840 for the police station front desk. Additional contact information is available on the Glendale Police Department’s website at GlendaleCA.gov/Police.