June 20, 2024 4:04 am

Glendale Water & Power Launches SmartVX for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Glendale Water & Power (GWP) has introduced SmartVX, an innovative personalized video solution provided by Harris Computers, aimed at enriching its customer engagement experience. This initiative marks a significant step forward in how GWP communicates with its customers, offering tailored video content directly aligned with their individual needs and interactions with municipal services.

Integrated seamlessly with GWP’s customer information and billing system, NorthStar Utilities, SmartVX enables a highly personalized approach to customer communications. Customized videos cover a wide range of topics, from welcoming new residents to detailed billing information, payment arrangements, conservation tips, scam alerts, and energy-saving strategies. These videos not only inform but also empower residents to manage their utility services more effectively and independently, ushering in a new era of communication for the utility.

Mark Young, General Manager of Glendale Water & Power, expressed excitement about the initiative, stating, “In an era where customer engagement is paramount, we are excited to offer our residents a more personalized and informative experience. SmartVX allows us to connect with our community in ways that were not possible before, enhancing transparency and trust between the city and its residents.”

The customized videos are available in Armenian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Korean, enabling GWP Customer Service staff to engage with customers on a new platform. These interactive videos provide personalized information about billing, programs, news, outage management, and more. Customers can also take action directly from the videos, such as viewing and paying bills, setting up outage management alerts, or accessing specific GWP website pages.

The initial series of SmartVX videos includes tutorials on registering and navigating the new customer self-serve portal, ensuring residents can utilize the platform effectively from the outset. Additionally, GWP plans to release “peak alert” videos later this summer, aimed at helping customers save money and manage electricity loads, further supporting the community in adopting sustainable living practices.

Watch a sample video here.