June 20, 2024 4:02 am

Glendale Revives Clothing Swaps and Repair Cafés for the Upcoming Year

In response to strong community demand and participation, the City of Glendale’s Office of Sustainability and Glendale Library, Arts, & Culture have announced the return of the popular Clothing Swaps and Repair Cafés to Glendale libraries.

Clothing Swaps provide an excellent opportunity for community members to donate items. These items are then collected, sorted, and displayed for participants to take freely. Repair Cafés offer a space where skilled volunteers fix, tinker with, and repair items ranging from clothing with holes to dull knives and broken lamps, all at no cost.

In their first year, the Clothing Swaps and Repair Cafés diverted over 1,000 pounds of textiles and clothes from landfills, repaired over 250 items, and saw participation from over 500 community members and volunteers.

The schedule for the upcoming Clothing Swaps and Repair Cafés is as follows:

Clothing SwapSaturday, June 1, 202411:00 AM-1:00 PMPacific Park Library
Repair CafeSaturday, June 8, 202410:00 AM-1:00 PMPacific Park Library
Clothing SwapSaturday, September 7, 202411:00 AM-1:00 PMCasa Verdugo Library
Repair CafeSaturday, September 14, 202410:00 AM-1:00 PMCasa Verdugo Library
Clothing SwapSaturday, November 16, 202411:00 AM-1:00 PMMontrose Library
Repair CafeSaturday, November 23, 202410:00 AM-1:00 PMMontrose Library
Clothing SwapSaturday, March 1, 202511:00 AM-1:00 PMBrand Library
Repair CafeSaturday, March 8, 202510:00 AM-1:00 PMBrand Library

Information on the next Clothing Swap is available at GlendaleCA.gov/ClothingSwap. Information on the next Repair Café and how to sign up as a volunteer can be found at GlendaleCA.gov/RepairCafe.

The next Clothing Swap will take place on Saturday, June 1, 2024, and the next Repair Café will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2024.