June 20, 2024 4:01 am

Glendale Police Arrest Eight Felony Burglary Suspects Within 24 Hours

On Tuesday, May 21st, members of the Glendale Police Department Residential Burglary Task Force were alerted to a vehicle in Glendale that was wanted for felony burglary by an outside agency. The GPD Special Enforcement Detail located the vehicle near Verdugo Road and Mountain Street. When officers initiated a traffic stop, the suspects led them on a pursuit southbound on the 2 Freeway into Los Angeles. The vehicle pursuit ended near the York Boulevard offramp, where the suspects collided with a white van, disabling their vehicle.

Following the collision, the four suspects fled on foot in different directions. With coordinated efforts of multiple units and air support, officers established a containment. The GPD K9 unit, supported by the Burbank Police Department K9 unit, began systematic searches of the area. After several hours, Glendale Police apprehended all four suspects, with three sustaining minor injuries and transported for medical treatment.

Deamontae Pitts, 32, of Pasadena, Leslie Earl Hall, 35, of Los Angeles, Terrence Hall, 28, of Duarte, and Leldon Caldwell, 35, of Pasadena face charges for felony evading, felony hit and run, and resisting arrest, in addition to pending charges from the outside agency.

The previous evening, on May 20th, at approximately 10:31 p.m., Glendale Police arrested four Colombian nationals involved in a sophisticated burglary operation in the Emerald Isle area. A Glendale Sergeant located a suspicious vehicle in the area of Emerald Isle Drive and Kirkham Drive. A traffic stop and subsequent search revealed a video surveillance device camouflaged with leaves. This evidence, combined with the finding of freshly disturbed dirt in a planter in the cul-de-sac, led Glendale detectives to believe that the suspects had strategically placed the camera in the planter. This method allowed them to create a sophisticated method to gain a view of residences and know when homeowners would leave.

Among those arrested was Bryan Martinez Vargas, 28, marking his second arrest in three weeks. He, along with Jose Antonio Velasquez, 28, Edison Arley Pinzon Fandino, 27, and Luis Carlos Moreno, 29, were arrested for conspiracy to commit burglary. Vargas was previously apprehended on April 30th after a high-speed pursuit involving stolen items and a WiFi signal jammer. These suspects are suspected of being part of a transnational criminal operation known as “Burglary Tourism,” targeting affluent neighborhoods under the guise of tourism.

“These arrests are a testament to the unwavering dedication and tenacity of our officers,” said Police Chief Manny Cid. “The swift action and coordination among various units highlight our commitment to tackling organized crime and protecting our community. We will continue to deploy every resource available to ensure the safety and security of our residents.”

In response to a surge in residential burglaries, the Glendale Police Department established the Residential Burglary Task Force in 2023. This specialized team employs advanced technology and enhanced patrols to address and prevent crime. The task force has successfully made numerous arrests and continues its proactive measures to ensure community safety.

Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. If you have any information about residential burglaries in Glendale, please contact the Glendale Police Department at 818-548-4911.