May 18, 2024 9:26 pm

Glendale City Council Proclaims Lung Cancer Action Week

The Glendale City Council has announced the designation of May 6th to 12th as Lung Cancer Action Week, aligning with communities across the nation in the battle against lung cancer. This proclamation, coupled with the Turquoise Takeover initiative, seeks to raise awareness and show support for individuals affected by lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Action Week and Turquoise Takeover encourage Americans to unite in the fight against lung cancer by wearing turquoise attire and sharing selfies on social media platforms, highlighting the importance of storytelling in bringing attention to the impact of lung cancer.

Through initiatives like LUNG FORCE, individuals and caregivers impacted by lung cancer come together to advocate for increased awareness, research, and support. LUNG FORCE focuses on education, advocacy, and research to decrease diagnoses and improve outcomes for those facing the disease. Since its inception in 2014, LUNG FORCE has raised over $30 million for crucial lung cancer research, marking a significant increase in its research commitment.

In California, while early diagnosis rates lag behind the national average, surgical cancer treatment exceeds the national rate by a considerable margin. However, broader participation from the high-risk population is crucial for the effectiveness of screening, a factor that remains low in California.

Mayor Elen Asatryan emphasized the city’s commitment to promoting lung health, citing Glendale’s Fresh Air Ordinance enacted over a decade ago to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. By rallying together, the community can raise awareness and encourage individuals to undergo early screenings with support from medical community partners in Glendale and beyond.

To demonstrate solidarity, the City of Glendale will illuminate City Hall in turquoise beginning on May 7th, symbolizing unity in the fight against lung cancer.

The American Lung Association and the City of Glendale recommend seven actionable steps to contribute to the fight against lung cancer, including wearing turquoise attire, participating in the I Wear Turquoise Campaign, sharing personal stories, undergoing lung cancer screening if eligible, testing homes for radon, staying informed about educational resources on lung cancer, and donating to advance efforts towards a world free of lung cancer. For more information, contact: [email protected]