July 14, 2024 11:07 pm

Enhancing Safety on the Road: Bicycle Safety Month in Glendale

In Glendale, California, the focus is on safety as May marks National Bicycle Safety Month. The Glendale Police Department is advocating for increased awareness and caution among both cyclists and drivers to prevent accidents and injuries.

Sergeant Ryan Gunn of the Glendale Police emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and vigilance on the road. With a rise in bicycle-related fatalities and injuries, it’s crucial for drivers to be mindful of cyclists, who lack the protective features of motor vehicles.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of bicycle-related fatalities and injuries has been on the rise. In response, the Glendale Police Department offers specific safety guidelines for both drivers and cyclists.

For drivers, slowing down, staying alert at intersections, and maintaining a safe distance from cyclists are essential. California law mandates giving cyclists at least three feet of space when passing, and changing lanes if necessary.

Bicycle riders are encouraged to prioritize safety by using lights at night, wearing helmets (especially for those under 18), and adhering to traffic laws. Yielding to pedestrians and traveling in the same direction as traffic are crucial practices for cyclists to follow.

This safety initiative is supported by funding from the California Office of Traffic Safety, facilitated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As Glendale promotes active transportation, the community is urged to prioritize safety and cooperation on the roads.