May 20, 2024 2:37 am

Recap of Glendale City Council’s April 2, 2024 Meeting


7a. Glendale Water and Power, re: Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 6016 Establishing the Electric Rates for Glendale Water & Power for Fiscal Years 2024 to 2027 to Add the Standby Service Rider for Medium Business Dispatchable and the Standby Service Rider for Large Business Dispatchable Rates

Moved: Kassakhian
Seconded: Brotman

Vote as Follows
Ayes: Asatryan, Kassakhian, Brotman
Noes: None
Absent: Devine, Najarian
Abstain: None


8a. Fire Department, re: Review of Fire Services Master Plan produced by CityGate Associates for the Glendale Fire Department

  • The City of Glendale hired CityGate Associates to review the Glendale Fire Department. The study focused on three areas: optimizing fire crew deployment, assessing administrative staffing, and evaluating fire station facilities.

The council did not vote on this item.

8b. Human Resources, re: Approval of First Amendment to the Amended and Restated City Attorney Employment Agreement with Michael J. Garcia to Extend the Term of the Agreement and Provide for Salary Adjustment

  • Approval of First Amendment to City Attorney’s Employment Agreement and Resolution on Classification Titles and Compensation for Glendale City Attorney’s Office Employees

This item was moved to the April 30 Council Meeting