May 20, 2024 2:14 am

Glendale Joins California Equal Pay Pledge

The City of Glendale has officially become the 7th city to join the California Equal Pay Pledge, an initiative aimed at narrowing the pay gap in California. Led by the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls and the Office of the First Partner, in partnership with the California Partners Project, the pledge aims to address gender disparities in pay.

On February 27th, the Glendale City Council unanimously voted to become a California Equal Pay Champion. This decision was followed by directives to collaborate with the Commission on the Status of Women in reviewing and preparing recommendations. Subsequently, on March 12th, then Councilmember and current Mayor Asatryan, a key advocate for this initiative, joined California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the CA Commission on the Status of Women, and the California Partners Project to recognize CA Equal Pay Day and launch the CA Equal Pay Playbook.

Holly Martinez, Executive Director of CCSWG, expressed appreciation for Glendale’s commitment to gender equity, emphasizing the importance of the pledge as a critical first step towards fairness. She highlighted the economic significance of closing the pay gap, citing research indicating its potential to alleviate poverty for working women.

The gender pay gap remains a pressing issue, with full-time female workers in the U.S. earning 84 cents for every dollar men make. In California, this gap persists across various occupations and education levels, disproportionately affecting minority women and women of color, who experience substantial annual income losses.

Mayor Asatryan underscored the significance of Glendale’s adoption of the pledge, positioning the city as a leader in addressing gender disparities. She emphasized the need for intentional efforts to promote pay equity, dismantle biases, and remove barriers faced by women. Asatryan highlighted the importance of these actions not only in empowering women but also in strengthening the economy, families, and society as a whole.

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