May 19, 2024 7:05 pm

Glendale City Announces Escheatment Procedures for Unclaimed Funds

Escheatment, a legal process, applies to unclaimed private property like checks and deposits issued by the City. Checks uncashed for six months and deposits unclaimed for over three years fall under this category, governed by Government Code sections 50050-50056.

As per sections 50050-50051, the City publishes a notice in a local newspaper for two consecutive weeks listing unclaimed funds. Afterward, the funds become City property within forty-five to sixty days. Guidelines for claiming are detailed in Section 50052, while Section 50053 permits the transfer of unclaimed money to the General Fund. Section 50055 allows transfer of funds under fifteen dollars and over one year old to the General Fund without public notice.

The Director of Finance/Information Technology of Glendale declares the unclaimed sums will become City property on June 11, 2024. Interested parties can file a claim with the City’s Finance Department before this date, providing necessary details.

Unclaimed Check and Deposit forms are available at the City’s Finance Department or website. For inquiries, contact the Finance Department’s Accounts Payable at (818) 548-3907 for unclaimed checks and General Accounting at (818) 548-3243 for unclaimed deposits. This notice adheres to California Government Code Sections 50050-50056.