May 19, 2024 5:57 pm

Bike Riding Program Launches at Dunsmore Elementary with Support from All Kids Bike and HDR

Dunsmore Elementary School recently welcomed a new initiative aimed at teaching students how to ride bikes, thanks to the efforts of All Kids Bike, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting bike riding among children across the United States. This program was made possible through a generous donation from HDR, a Los Angeles-based architecture and engineering firm.

Principal Kelly Worley expressed gratitude for the program’s implementation, emphasizing its significance for the school and the community. With many students residing in areas with challenging terrains, learning to ride a bike can be difficult. Worley hailed the initiative as a valuable gift that will provide students with lifelong skills and enjoyment.

The All Kids Bike program equipped Dunsmore with 24 balance bikes, pedal conversion kits, helmets, curriculum materials, teacher training, and storage racks. Students eagerly anticipated the program’s launch, with HDR representatives and school staff orchestrating a surprise bike reveal under a rainbow parachute on March 29. The unveiling sparked excitement among the students, who couldn’t wait to begin riding.

Nichole Buchholz from All Kids Bike highlighted the program’s longevity, spanning up to a decade for kindergarteners. The curriculum, comprising eight lesson plans, focuses on developing balance skills before transitioning to pedal bikes. Teachers have the flexibility to adapt the lessons according to students’ needs and abilities.

Rebecca Veloso, a representative from HDR, underscored the company’s commitment to community impact through grants. The partnership with All Kids Bike allowed HDR to donate $360,000 to introduce bike programs in 40 schools nationwide. Dunsmore stood out due to its location in Northern Glendale, where finding safe biking areas is challenging.

The program not only benefits students but also supports working parents who may lack time to teach bike riding skills. HDR staff actively engaged with Dunsmore students, assisting them with helmets and bike navigation during a hands-on session.

Following the successful launch, kindergarten classes at Dunsmore commenced their first official bike lessons, signaling a promising start to the program. All Kids Bike, with programs in over 1,300 schools nationwide, expressed gratitude to HDR for its support in promoting bike riding among children.