April 20, 2024 2:58 pm

Los Angeles Secures $900M in Federal Funding for Transit and Infrastructure Ahead of Olympics

Mayor Karen Bass announced Tuesday that the Los Angeles region has secured nearly $900 million in federal funding to bolster transportation and infrastructure projects in preparation for the 2028 Summer Olympics. This funding, part of a congressional spending package signed into law by President Joe Biden, is a significant step forward for the city’s preparations for the global event.

A major portion of the funding, totaling $709.9 million, will be allocated to two key projects spearheaded by LA Metro: the East San Fernando Valley Light Rail Transit Project and sections two and three of the D (Purple) Line Subway Extension Project.

Bass emphasized the urgency of strengthening local infrastructure and transportation systems in anticipation of hosting the international event. She highlighted the importance of being ready to welcome the world for the Games, echoing sentiments expressed during an international delegation to Paris to prepare for the Olympics and Paralympics.

The East San Fernando Valley Light Rail Transit Project will receive $66.9 million to enhance connectivity and accessibility to vital destinations. This project involves the construction of a 6.7-mile at-grade alignment along Van Nuys Boulevard, featuring 11 new transit stations.

Meanwhile, the Purple Line subway extension, divided into three sections, will establish a crucial link between downtown and West L.A. Metro expects to receive $165 million for section two and $478 million for section three, with completion anticipated before the 2028 Olympics.

Bass expressed gratitude to President Biden, Sens. Alex Padilla and Laphonza Butler, and Los Angeles’ congressional representatives for their collaborative efforts in securing this funding.

In addition to the $709.9 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s programs, the region will benefit from $160 million in new federal grant funding through various initiatives aimed at enhancing community connectivity and equity.

These initiatives include investments in multimodal transportation, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements, and community planning activities. They reflect a commitment to addressing transportation challenges while promoting accessibility and sustainability across Los Angeles County.

The funding will support projects such as reconnecting communities across barriers, constructing pedestrian and bicycle overcrossings, enhancing waterfront access, and creating new open spaces in park-deficient areas.

Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins praised the favorable outcome and extended appreciation to Metro’s board of directors, congressional delegation, and senators for their instrumental role in securing this critical funding package.

As Los Angeles gears up to host the 2028 Olympics, these investments in transit and infrastructure will not only ensure the smooth operation of the Games but also leave a lasting legacy of improved mobility and connectivity for the region.