April 20, 2024 8:36 am

Glendale Police Warn Homeowners of New Burglary Tool

The Glendale Police Department has issued a warning to homeowners in Southern California regarding a new tool being utilized by burglars to disable home security systems and gain unauthorized entry into homes. According to a statement released by the department, there has been a notable uptick in residential burglaries in recent months, prompting the establishment of a dedicated task force aimed at preventing such crimes.

The task force has reportedly contributed to a significant decrease in residential burglaries in Glendale, along with several arrests. During their investigations, detectives discovered that suspects were employing a new type of technology capable of blocking WiFi signals, allowing them to evade detection by home security alarms and cameras.

Signal-blocking devices interfere with the signals emitted by home WiFi systems, disrupting the functioning of traditional security systems and rendering them ineffective in alerting homeowners or law enforcement to the presence of intruders. As a result, police are advising residents to remain vigilant and implement proactive measures to enhance home security.

To mitigate susceptibility to these tactics, homeowners are urged to consider hardwiring alarm systems and cameras to prevent signal interference, securing gates with sturdy locks, enhancing exterior lighting with motion-activated lights, and installing backup batteries for continuous security coverage. Additionally, measures such as installing locks on second-story windows and balconies, establishing neighborhood watch services, and hiring house sitters are recommended.

Residents are encouraged to promptly report any suspicious activity or concerns to the police department, as collaboration is essential in creating a safe environment for all residents. Concerns can be reported by calling (818) 548-4911.

This warning coincides with similar alerts issued by law enforcement agencies across Southern California, including Irvine, where authorities have observed a notable increase in burglary incidents.