June 20, 2024 12:14 pm

Fremont Park Undergoing Extensive Renovation

Fremont Park will remain closed until early 2025. This undertaking involves a complete overhaul of the park, featuring:

  • A new community building with amenities like a tennis club house, meeting rooms, rentable space, and a kitchenette.
  • Exciting additions such as an artificial turf soccer field, a splash pad, picnic pavilions, benches, water fountains, BBQs, and pickleball courts (which also serve as basketball courts).
  • Improved facilities including a walking path encircling the park, a tennis shade structure, tennis court benches, and exercise equipment.
  • Renovation or replacement of the children’s playground, restroom structure, picnic tables, and turf, alongside the addition of 26 parking spaces.
  • Refer to the Master Plan for comprehensive details.

While Fremont Park is closed for renovation, a temporary mini park with benches and tables is available at the parking area across from Fremont Park on Patterson Ave.

For further details or information regarding alternative park amenities, please contact (818) 548-3970 or visit the City’s project website.