July 14, 2024 10:34 pm

City of Glendale Hosts the Return of Kennedy Center American College Theater Arts Festival

In a momentous occasion, the City of Glendale is set to host the esteemed Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) for the first time in three decades. Taking place from February 12-17, 2024, this national theater program will bring together a diverse array of 18,000 students representing colleges and universities from across the United States. Glendale, a key participant in Region 8 of the Kennedy Center America College Theater Festival, joins forces with Arizona, Central and Southern California, Hawaii, Southern Nevada, Utah, and Guam in a festival that rotates annually among these locations.

The event, headquartered at Glendale Community College, serves as a platform for students and faculty to exchange ideas and showcase their award-winning performances. The public is warmly invited to witness these performances, which promise to be held at the highest standards. A detailed schedule and program highlights can be found on the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival website.

Attendees can look forward to public performances featuring the region’s top four plays, each showcased twice, along with musical theater presentations and readings of winning new plays. The festival also offers a spectrum of competitions, from acting and lighting to directing, writing, and stage design, coupled with a variety of performance-focused workshops.

Expressing enthusiasm for the return to Glendale, Shaunté Keakalani Caraballo, MFA, Assistant Professor/Speech Coordinator/Toro Speech & Debate Director at CSU Dominguez Hills and Kennedy Center-Region 8 Vice Chair, stated, “We are thrilled to return to Glendale and its local community college after many years holding the festival in other locations. The college is a great choice as they have the space and resources needed to support the extent of the festival and its attendees.”

Bradley Calvert, Community Development Director, added, “This festival is such an exciting representation of the vast young talent across the western US. We are happy to welcome the festival and its attendees with open arms and help them enjoy their stay in our great city. We also hope our local community joins and gets a glimpse of some of the amazing festival performances.”

For more information about the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Arts Festival, including performances and ticket details, please visit the festival website.

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